National Curriculum Council (NCC)


In Pakistan four distinct systems of education and examinations are being followed i.e. public school system, private school system, Deeni Madaris system and non-formal education system. Each one follows different curricula and assessment systems resulting in wide range of inequalities and disparities. Uniformity in curricula and standards has, therefore, become a matter of great concern. The abolition of Concurrent Legislative List under 18th Constitutional Amendment which fully devolved education to the provinces has added yet another dimension of uniformity in standards amongst various provinces/areas. This has raised national and global concerns for uniformity in curricula and standards. All the federating units realized the need for creation of national forum to address these concerns constituted a national coordinating body called National Curriculum Council (NCC) consisting of three members from each Province/Area, one each from Curriculum Bureaus, Textbook Book Boards, and Education Department. NCC has been constituted to function under the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. NCC is mandated to serve as a professional, advisory and consultative national body to steer and guide the development of curriculum in close collaboration and consultation with all the federating units to ensure minimum quality standards from Early Childhood Education to Grade XII. Following are the main functions of NCC:

 Functions of NCC

  v  Develop Minimum National Standards in all subjects and for all grades (pre-primary to XII)

  v  Development of National Curriculum Framework in consultation with all stakeholders.

  v  Conduct research in Curriculum, teachers’ training and assessment.

  v  Develop Linkages and networking amongst all concerned institutions at both the national and international levels.

  v  Coordination, development and revision of uniform minimum quality standards in curriculum.

National Curriculum Council, Secretariat

National Curriculum Council, Secretariat has been established in Curriculum Wing, Islamabad to facilitate and assist NCC in undertaking various activities relating to curriculum development across the country. The Secretariat is proving technical support to NCC for development of minimum national standards and National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The Secretariat is headed by Join Educational Advisor. He is assisted by Deputy Educational Advisers, Assistant Educational Advisers and Education Officers. Three sections i.e. 1) NCC framework Standards, 2) Quality Assurance in Learning and Assessment and 3) Research and Evaluation have been created in the NCC, Secretariat. Each Section is headed by Deputy Educational Adviser.


The minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan have been developed in consultation with all federating units which was approved by Inter Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC). This document contains standard in respect of learners, curriculum, textbooks and learning materials, teachers, assessment, early learning and development and school environment. These standards ensures uniformity and compatibility in school curriculum across various federating units. The report has been printed and disseminated to all provinces/ areas to guide them in revision of school curricula and development of teaching and learning materials. These standards have been followed for revision of curricula and development of teaching and learning materials by various federating units.

            Draft National Curriculum Framework has been developed in consultation with all provinces/ areas. The draft report of the NCF has been circulated to all provinces/ areas, private sector, universities and other stakeholders. The NCF has focused on the objectives of education in view of the goals contained in various national policies. The NCF contains the broader guidelines for revision and development of curricula and provides guidelines on different aspects of curriculum such as teacher training, teaching and learning materials development, teaching and learning environment, assessment, evaluation and research, information sharing and harmonization. Three consultative workshops had been held in which representatives from all federating units participated. The representatives from federating units reviewed the draft NCF and gave their recommendations/ views which are being incorporated. After incorporating the recommendations of all the stakeholder, the NCF will be submitted to NCC for approval.

            Up till now seven meetings of National Curriculum Council have been held. In these meetings various issues pertaining to curriculum development, and quality standards have been discussed. Curriculum on Accelerated Learning Program has been developed in collaboration with JICA.National Curriculum Council (NCC)

Contact Details:

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